Brown Deer United Methodist Church
Friday, September 24, 2021
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Our Identity & Growth Statement

Identity & Growth Statement

Who We Are & Who We Are Becoming:

An Invitation to a Sacred Journey


   “The local community of faith provides the most significant arena through which disciple-making of Jesus Christ occurs.”  


We are a community of pilgrims on a journey centered on Jesus Christ; embracing the transformative power of God’s love and grace through the sharing of Sacred Stories, following the path of John and Charles Wesley (founders of Methodism) and the open communion table; and empowered by the Holy Spirit to worship, teach, learn, grow God’s community, be transformed and to transform the world in love. Grace abounds as we strive to accept ourselves and each other as we journey towards being made whole in God’s love--the journey of Christian Perfection. 


As disciples of Jesus Christ committed to his 

teachings and ways of being in community, we 

recognize that all are invited on this journey. 


Come. Learn. Love

Make an IMPACT!



   Yes, we answer the call from Jesus to “Come” and we share his invitation to grow the Kingdom of God. We welcome and celebrate all of God’s children. We affirm that all are born in God’s image, and worthy of God’s grace and mercy, and we recognize the hue of skin, the texture of hair, the girth and height of the body, speech accent, place of birth, skills of labor, sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions, are gifts from God to be celebrated and affirmed.


Our knowledge and theology come through the shared practices of the Wesleyan means of grace---acts of reverence, mercy, and justice--steeped in ancient stories foretelling of divine glory. Gifted by God’s grace, we travel this journey, learning of forgiveness, restoration, reconciliation, and hope for the Beloved Community.     

We study the scriptures, pray, and worship.  We gather to learn. 

We scatter to serve.


Taught by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek mercy, strive for justice, and work to end discrimination and oppression, so that all may have life, and have it abundantly.


We listen. We engage in dialogue. We laugh. We cry. We stumble. We forgive and are forgiven. We sing. We fall. We pray. We journey. And, bound by the love of Jesus, we help each other get up and begin again.



We are sourced by God, and to love as we have been loved by God is at our core. To welcome all to the Table of Grace (communion) is a tradition we embrace, as it forms a blessed community where all are treated with dignity and love. We are called to listen and to learn how each one is to be loved. We are willing to risk and to sacrifice for one another.


Make an IMPACT!


We are agents of justice, healing, and hope! We are humbly journeying to know God and to fall in love with the Creator of the Universe and to love as God loves us. We yearn to be rooted and grounded in the Holy Spirit. Our journey is open and welcoming to all of God's children. Our life's journey is transforming individuals, institutions, and principalities, such that all will experience God's Kingdom here on earth. 

This we proclaim!